THE SCIENCE OF SEEING (Upper MG Contemporary)


The Science of Seeing


Meera Trehan


(Upper) MG Contemporary

Word Count:

59,000 words


It’s September 2001, and Milni Arora, an Indian-American eighth grader, has just moved from San Francisco to a small town in Virginia. Before she even sets foot in her new school, the elite Madison Academy, Milni knows she won’t fit in with the almost all-white cookie-cutter preppies she’s seen in the yearbook. And she’s right; those first weeks, she has no friends at all, and especially not Luke Collier, the all-around perfect, older boy from across the street.

Milni’s mother and Luke’s father start working together and, one morning, have a meeting at the Pentagon. It’s on September 11. Milni spends the afternoon at Luke’s house where they wait, worry, and help each other through their distress. By the time their parents return, unharmed at least on the outside, Milni and Luke have formed an unexpected friendship.

In the following weeks, the students at Madison Academy are kinder, and Milni settles into life at Madison Academy. But then a series of post-9/11 hate crimes targeting Indian-Americans hit her town. Milni’s parents are distraught and want to move back to San Francisco. Milni desperately wants to stay in the town that’s now become her home and sets out to solve the crimes herself. But she’s in for a shock when her new friend (and secret crush) Luke Collier emerges as the prime suspect.

The Science of Seeing is a 59,000 word upper MG novel. This story is particularly timely given the unfortunate resurgence in crimes against those perceived to be Muslim.

I am Indian-American writer; my parents emigrated from India. My work for children has been published in a number of magazines including Skipping Stones, Chess Life for Kids, ChildArt, and Stinkwaves. I am a member of SCBWI and The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, MD. I am also a lawyer who has worked on civil rights issues for over a decade

First 300 words:

I used to think I could trust my eyes. I thought if I was looking at something—say, a rock—I could tell you what it was. Then, for my thirteenth birthday, I got a book on optical illusions, pictures that changed depending on how I looked at them. In a blink, a rabbit became a duck, a vase became the profile of two faces. I spent hours trying to figure out how exactly they worked and why I could never see both images at once. But for all my studying, I missed the most important point of all: The biggest tricks your eyes will play on you aren’t on the page, but off it.

Take my first time in the MadCad woods. It was late summer and my family had just beaten the moving truck to our new house in Walking Fern, Virginia. My big sister Rana pulled my book out of my hands and said, “Time for a hike.”

Usually, I would have grabbed my book back. But for the last two months, I’d been poring over the maps, brochures and yearbook that Madison Academy, our fancy new private school, had sent us. They had replaced the optical illusions book as my favorite bedtime reading. After pages of nature walks and campfires, the MadCad woods—or officially, the Madison Academy Outdoor Education Area—had begun to seem almost like its own person. Sort of like one of my relatives in India I’d heard a million stories about, but never met. Technically unknown, but safe enough. Certainly better than the pack of cookie-cutter preppies who were going to be in my class. Now that was something to avoid. But the woods were going to be fine.


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