Perfectly Human


Giovanna Adams


YA Urban Fantasy

Word Count:

60,000 words


PERFECTLY HUMAN is a YA Urban Fantasy, told from a dual point of view of both a teenage monster and a human boy.

Brutally murdered at sixteen, Brynn is now one of the Fallen: human teens reborn as monsters of folklore, fantasies, and nightmares. They have formed their own family in an abandoned theme park surrounded by broken down roller coasters, cotton candy booths, and the bodies of trespassers they’ve buried.

Brynn doesn’t want to lose her humanity, so she clings to the things that remind her of her human side—like Jamie, the boy from town. Her monster tribe can never know about Jamie, and even as she’s falling for him, Brynn wonders if he’ll ever accept her for who she is.

Oblivious to Brynn’s struggles, Jamie wrestles with his own: a jealous former best friend and Jamie’s own need to redefine who he is after his sister dies in an accident. Formally the town’s most famous jock, all Jamie wants now is to find what makes him happy. Spending time with Brynn is a good start, even though she’s odd and secretive.

When the Fallen discover their relationship, Brynn must make a choice: reside in the human world, leaving behind the only family she’s ever known, or give up Jamie for good. Once the people from town find out about the Fallen, their fears drive them to destroy, giving the Fallen no choice but to fight back. Then, Jamie must chose between protecting Brynn and her family, or saving his town.

Brynn and Jamie’s struggles collide, revealing that sometimes, it’s the savage inside man that’s the foulest monster of all.

PERFECTLY HUMAN is complete at 60,000 words and is a stand alone with series potential.

I am a member of SCBWI and I have been published as a book illustrator. As a Guest of Honor at Faerie Conventions and festivals, my fantasy artwork has been collected internationally. I also recently completed a mentor program with the marginalized writers group Writing in the Margins.

First 300 words:

Brynn could taste the brine as she licked her lower lip. She crouched on the rails of the corkscrew roller coaster. The wood creaked with each gust of wind and, from the highest peak, she watched a man thrust his switchblade into the belly of an old woman. After stealing her small, black handbag, he ran around the corner into the abandoned amusement park to escape the gathering crowd

He was a stranger. His bloodstained hand reached to pull his red, New England, wool hat lower onto his forehead. He tightened his grip around the thick handles of the purse, upending it while coins, waded up tissues, and a handful of hard candy spilled onto the muddy ground

Brynn jumped to the dew-covered rail below her. She landed softly on the slippery wood and rusted metal, then brushed a stray, raven ringlet from her cheek. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and placed a hand on her chest. Her heartbeat wasn’t as steady as her limbs

Strangers didn’t enter the park very often. It had outlived its usefulness for amusement. The people that did find their way there were crooks and junkies. None of whom would be missed, which was a good thing considering they would rarely exit the park, except for in spirit, if you believed in that sort of thing

The creatures of Arcadia Park, the Fallen, were visible to Brynn. Rafe and Templeton were closest to the man. They enjoyed the hunt just as much as the kill, and the others wouldn’t be far behind

Brynn was the only one of the Fallen that didn’t enjoy either. It was her human side slipping away that she feared, and it was becoming harder to contain her beast.


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