NILE (YA Fantasy)




Laura Valín-Peñalba


YA Fantasy

Word Count:

98,000 words


With her father still mourning the death of her long-gone mother, Nile has spent her life in the exile of her loneliness. When she travels to Egypt to study Physics, a mishap with white holes and motorboats renders her half-dead. Stranded in a multiverse, she’s thrust into the arms of Arem, a young Pharaoh in a far-away world. He takes her back to his kingdom and agrees to help her find her way home –but Nile is not eager to accept the assistance of an overconfident emperor; she can fend for herself! And yet, the more she learns about Arem’s culture, the more she wants to stay. Arem’s realm is beautiful and welcoming, and for the first time in her life, she finds a home.

Suspicious of Nile and Arem’s bond, Arem’s betrothed enlists the help of Raeki, a feared universe jumper, to get rid of Nile. Raeki is charming, Machiavellian, and his motivations are questionable. But when Raeki discovers Nile is also a universe jumper, he sees her for what she really is: an equal. He offers Nile a chance to join him in his intentions to take over Arem’s realm, and if there’s something Nile loves more than anything, that’s power, a chance to leave an unprecedented mark in History.

In this game of queens and kings, Nile must choose between saving the planet that feels like home, or accepting her power, no matter who she destroys in the process.

NILE is a YA Fantasy novel complete at 98,000 words. It stands alone but has series potential. NILE will appeal to readers who enjoyed Sabaa Tahir’s AN EMBER IN THE ASHES, Sarah J. Mass’ THRONE OF GLASS, or the unreliable narrator in Pierce Brown’s RED RISING.

Born and raised in Spain (Spanish-Mediterranean), I’m a Film and Media graduate, as well as a student at the Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute. NILE is my fourth book in the Fantasy genre, although I’ve also completed a Thriller and a full-length script. “Los Niños Sin Nombre” won the Memorial Fuencisla Award in 2009, and “The Rose and the Beast” has just been published in Work in Progress, the newspaper of the University College of London.

First 300 words:

Chapter 1– Beta Universe, Hieros —Apraesis

Our two moons once foretold that I would become Queen of Hieros, Sun of the Four Kingdoms. But I had never been interested in standing in the sun. I lived in the shadows, and pretended to rule under the light.

As heir to the throne, or Hierisa, private training was my favorite moment of the day, the few hours when I got to let off some steam, when I was allowed to be myself. I excelled at it, and no one bested me when it came to the Mystic Arts, except for my mentor Raeki. Standing at the other end of the Stone Room, he stretched out his arms and got ready to attack.

“Create a fireball,” he ordered.

Piros!” A flame sprung from my fingertips, a blazing raindrop of orange heat that crept up my hands. I released the fire, allowing it to spread across the chamber like an uncaged tiger.

Although I had been practicing The Mystic Arts for years, I still wondered how I didn’t get burned. I could not age. I could not die. The first time I generated fire with the power of my mind, I hadn’t said a word out of fear for three days. Now that my eighteenth Red Moon had passed, I was supposed to control my nature. Now I was supposed to become Queen.

“Not enough.” said Raeki, as if he had read my mind.

“Don’t pressure me.” My hesitant voice echoed across the chamber.

“I can do whatever I please,” he said. “Maintain the flame, but summon some sparks.”

Truenio!” A feast of sparks gathered over my hand as a storm of thoughts exploded in my mind, fear thundering within me like a laughing god. But fear wasn’t a god. Fear had a name: Arem.


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