HIDE ME AWAY (YA Psychological Thriller)


Hide Me Away


Suja Sukumar


YA Psychological Thriller

Word Count:

68,000 words


Sixteen-year-old Indian-American Tanvi is determined to put her past behind her and take care of her aunt. Then, one day, she returns from school to find her aunt insisting that her cousin, Mimi, has returned from the dead.

Tanvi spots a girl across the street who’s the spitting image of her deceased cousin. Soon after, the girl starts stalking Tanvi, running her off the road, and even implicating her in a local bully’s death. And Tanvi finds evidence that the lookalike knows about her past, especially her mom’s involvement with dark magic from India.

To expose the double, Tanvi must find the truth behind her cousin’s death. But her search is complicated by flashbacks into her past and visions of dark magic rituals. The closer she gets to the truth about Mimi and the connection to the stalker, the more she spirals into these hallucinations.

Unmasking Mimi’s homicidal double could come at the cost of Tanvi’s sanity, if not her life.

HIDE ME AWAY, a YA psychological thriller complete at 68,000 words, might appeal to readers of Megan Miranda and Gail Giles’s thrillers. I am an Indian immigrant (and physician) settled in Michigan, where my 68,000 word psychological thriller is set. I am a member of SCBWI.

First 300 words:

Ever since my cousin died, Auntie and I followed a pattern. A routine. It made for predictability, for safety, and prevented shit like psychiatric lockdowns and therapy.
So here I was, at three-fifteen sharp, texting my standard message to Auntie—school’s done. Smiley face. Home soon.
An action that had become second nature, as familiar as getting dressed or brushing my teeth. Or breathing.
“Hey Tanvi, you coming or what?” Krista shouted from the classroom doorway.
“Just a sec.” I hit send on the message, then slipped the phone in my jeans pocket. I forgot to wait for the ping, indicating my aunt had replied back.
Big mistake.
With the phone tucked away, I grabbed my books off my desk and followed Krista out of the room. “So, have you decided?”
“About what?”
I swerved out of the way of a ginormous backpack before it could flatten my face. “Taekwondo. Remember?”
Her dark brows scooted under her bright green bangs. “Seriously, girl? You really think I’m taekwondo material?”
“Sure.” I threaded through the stampede in the hallway. “Think of how cute you’ll look in the uniform.”
“Give me a break. You’re just looking for someone you can beat up.”
I grinned. With her porcelain skin and delicate bone structure, she looked like a fragile doll. Yet, she could crush me at arm wrestling hands down. “The dojang’s barely half a block from your house. Come on, Krista.”
She opened her locker door and stuffed her books into her bag. “What the hell’s a dojang?”
“The training hall.”
“Ooh.” Her gray eyes went wide. “I’ve seen the guy there, the top dog super black belt ninja person. He’s hot.”
“Yep.” The master would banish Krista from his dojang if he’d heard what she’d said. “So, we’re set?”


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