• How do I enter? Submission guidelines can be found HERE.
  • Can I enter if my main character is a person of color or native but I am not? No.
  • Can I enter if I am bi-racial/multi-racial? Absolutely!
  • Does people of color mean just black people? No. The term people of color (POC) “encompasses all non-white groups, emphasizing common experiences of racism.”
  • Which age categories can enter? Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Picture Books.
  • Which genres can enter? All.
  • Can I enter more than 300 words if my last sentence is long? No. We recommend either leaving out that sentence, or cutting a few words somewhere in the entry to include it.
  • Can I enter multiple manuscripts? Only one manuscript per person.
  • Should I enter the chapter title? Only if you wish.
  • Should I use my prologue or my first chapter? That is entirely up to you.
  • Can I enter less than 300 words? Yes.
  • What if I made a formatting snafu? The entries will be posted as blog entries. To prevent odd formatting, please follow all submission guidelines.
  • I messed up my entry, can I send another one? If it’s within the submission window, yes, otherwise the first entry will be used. If it’s in response to our asking you to resubmit, yes. The time doesn’t matter, unless of course it runs into the next round.
  • Will I receive an email if I do something that results in my entry being bounced/disqualified? Most likely, no, unless it is something that can either be corrected or the WCNV team believes you need to be made aware of it.
  • What if I got a Please Reformat response but don’t know why? @ElleOnWords on twitter, I’ll check to see why the bot kicked it out. Don’t worry, you can re-submit this kind of thing after the window closes, so if you don’t notice the email until later, it’s okay.
  • What if I have more questions? Do NOT email the Contest entry address, ask the questions via wcnvcontest(at)llmckinney(dot)com, or on twitter
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